Pan Roasted Diver Scallops - Kaspar's - best seafood in London

Pan Roasted Diver Scallops

Our scallops are dived for in North West Scotland. Scallops don't come fresher. They arrive alive in the shell and are cooked that day. Simple and sophisticated flavours: the verbena shoots through the tomato to develop the meatiness of the scallops.

Smoked & Cured Fish from the Seafood Bar - Kaspar's - best fish in London

Smoked & Cured Fish from the Seafood Bar

Kaspar’s Seafood Bar offers an exquisite selection of various Scottish smoked salmon, traditional gravlax, star anise cured salmon, whole smoked eel, hot smoked sable fish, beetroot cured halibut, citrus cured wild seabass and peppered monkfish.

Fruits de mer platter - best fish in London

Fruits de mer platter

A selection of fresh seafood makes up this delicious platter. Seasonal oysters accompanied by perfectly poached prawns, the best crab from the coast of Cornwall and fresh scallops dived from the North West coast of Scotland

Lobster Club Sandwich - Kaspar's - best fish in London

Lobster Club Sandwich

The traditional club sandwich but with grown up flavours – tomato jam, Scottish lobster, crispy bacon, homemade sourdough bread. A dish I'd love everyone who comes to Kaspar’s to try.

Freshly made bread - Kaspar's - best bread in London

Freshly made bread

We make all our bread fresh every day. One of our favourites is the walnut and spelt bread which is made in house and served with the cheese selection. It took so many attempts to find the perfect bread to accompany our extraordinary cheeses.

Our Extraordinary Cheese Selection - Kaspar's - best cheese in London

Our Extraordinary Cheese Selection

The cheese menu says it all. Whether you prefer the oozing and gorgeous, the young and delightful, the crusty & elegant, the heavy blues or the super stinkies we serve the best of the best with delicious, freshly made walnut and spelt bread.